Looking at the List #9

110. Watch every single Daria episode AND made-for-TV movie.

Daria finished its original run while I was just starting high school. How depressing. LUCKILY the N (home to some of my favorite high school shows, like Degrassi) showed reruns on a fairly regular basis. I spent many a track bus ride imitating many of the shows’ characters. Last time I checked, the show wasn’t on Netflix, so I eagerly await the day that someone gifts me a box set of the DVDs.

113. Visit Ground Zero.

I grew up outside New York City. I did all the “tourist” things as a kid. I avoided them more and more as I got older. As a result, I don’t remember the last time I saw the Twin Towers. They were just always in the background and then one day they weren’t. I haven’t been to Ground Zero yet and not because it’s a “tourist” thing. I view it as the opposite. It’s a New York thing. It’s a home thing. It’s a thing for all the people that lost their people that day. I was on a bus that rolled by once six years ago, but that’s the closest I’ve gotten. Now that I live farther from Manhattan, I don’t visit as often. I have a few New-York related items on my list, so hopefully I can find time to visit and knock all those items off my list!

122. Learn to pack like a pro.

I have two ways of packing. I either overpack or underpack. If I overpack, I wind up bringing tons of stuff that I won’t wear or use with me on my trip. If I underpack, I bring the same two sweaters with me and don’t have enough to put together a full outfit. I tend to pack more if I’m going somewhere farther away or plan on being gone for a long time. I’m incredibly jealous of the people walking through the airport with only a small tote. My next big trip is in two months and I’ve already started looking up packing tutorials so it doesn’t feel like I’m a pack mule in the airport. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks!!

“Make It Nice Around the Tree”

I love Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday. I can’t wait to have my own house to decorate. Yes, I decorate my apartment each year, but a house has so much more room!

A few years back, some friends asked if I wanted to go to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lighting in Manhattan, I jumped at the chance. Growing up outside the city, I had obviously SEEN the tree before, but  had never been to the tree lighting before. I eagerly hopped on the train to meet my friends. I was excited to see all of the Christmas decorations – not just the tree.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten just how crowded Manhattan gets during the holidays. Everybody knows that New Year’s Eve in Times Square is a madhouse – why would the tree lighting for America’s most famous Christmas tree be any different? I can’t stand crowds of people, so I was a little nervous but still decided to go. After this experience, I know that I will NEVER try New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

My friends and I wandered towards Rockefeller Center in the late afternoon and found the roads had already been blocked to vehicular traffic. There were large projection screens set up – presumably so people standing in those areas would be able to see the show (even though they had no view of the tree). We decided to try and find an in-person view of the tree and luckily enough we did! We came in off of 51st Street and were standing in Rockefeller Plaza. The area was filled with those metal police barricades that separated the crowd into a grid-like formation, keeping paths in between groups. We were at the front section of our section, right up against the barricade. We settled in and waited for the festivities to start. More people kept piling into our little area. At one point, a family with a young child decided to leave. The police let them out by moving the barricade, but the moment that people in the back of our section noticed people leaving, they started pushing forward. I was really uncomfortable with the whole situation. We could see the tree from our section, but not the stage. I had no idea that there was a whole show to go along with the tree lighting! There were a bunch of performers (Celine Dion and Josh Groban were the two I remembered) and a whole thing because the tree was “going green” that year by using LED lights.

The tree before it was lit.

The tree before it was lit.

The tree lit for the first time with LED lights!

The tree lit for the first time with LED lights!

The experience wasn’t TERRIBLE but I don’t think I would go back for it again unless I spent a ton of money to get special reserved seats or something. I think I’ll stick to ooh-ing and aahh-ing as I plug my own tree in.

I started writing this before I went back to CT for break, but needed to finish it here so I could find pictures on my computer. While I was home, we received one of those reverse 911 calls telling us that some roads were going to be closed and that there was a “traffic advisory” for the “downtown” area of my hometown. HA!!!

Looking at the List #5

49. Apply to another job.

People keep asking why I have this on my list. This isn’t a goal I have for right this very minute, but at some point before I’m thirty, I would like to (and am pretty sure that I will) apply for a different job. My current job is entry level – most only stay for two or three years. I’m halfway through that already! Co-workers have already started to ask if I’m looking again and I’m not at this moment. It’s weird to think that I might not be here for a third year and that I’m  planning events that someone else will run. Another weird thing – this is the first job in my life that doesn’t have a set “end” date. This is also something a lot of my friends will be going through around the same time, so I’m glad I won’t go through it alone!

52. Visit a neighborhood in NYC that I have not visited before.

Even though I grew up going into Manhattan regularly, it’s a big place and there are plenty of areas I’ve never visited! When I was younger, I’d go wherever my parents wanted to go. As I got older, I sort of created a “routine” for going into the city – head up 5th Ave to Central Park then wander around the Upper East Side. I don’t have any plans to go Manhattan anytime soon, but next time I do, I’ll be sure to ask for suggestions!

53. Buy my dad Yankees tickets for his birthday.

My dad’s really into sports. Football and baseball are his favorites, but he willingly came to hockey games with me all through high school. My dad and I do not see eye-to-eye on football teams (Go Patriots!) but we DO share a favorite baseball team. My dad’s birthday is also just days before baseball season starts. There have been a few years that I’ve looked into getting him tickets for the home opener, but I can’t afford that. Sorry, PJ. However there are a bunch of other games each season that I’m sure he’d be happy to receive tickets for…I also want to see the new stadium…yes that’s how long it’s been since I’ve been to a game.

55. Watch the entire series of “Friends”.

One of my neighbors was really obsessed with the TV show “Friends” when we were in middle school. I watched a few episodes here and there so I had something to contribute to the conversation. She was also obsessed with Backstreet Boys but that was not a path I was willing to travel. I’m sure that I would appreciate the show much more now as a twenty-something. Is it on Netflix? I don’t think it’s on Netflix…that means I have three and a half years to find the DVDs and watch it.