All These Things That I’ve Done

1. I’ve seen a lot of bands I like in concert. The Killers, Goo Goo Dolls, Blink 182, and Jack’s Mannequin to name a few!

2. I was a cheerleader.

3. I was a drum major for my high school marching band.

4. I went on all sorts of cool trips with my high school.

5. I graduated from college.

6. And from grad school!

7. I joined Junior League.

8. I rescued a dog from a shelter.

9. I landed my dream job right out of grad school.

10. I volunteered with Art Feeds and Rebuild Joplin for Alternative Spring Break.

11. I studied abroad in Mexico.

12. I went to the Christmas Tree Lighting in New York City.

13. I joined a sorority.

14. I tried out for an NFL cheerleading team.

15. I co-hosted a party that spanned three states in four days.

16. I moved into a townhouse with two friends when I was eighteen.

17. I bought my parents a computer when they let me live with them after college.

18. I’ve read all the Harry Potter books AND watched all the Harry Potter movies.

19. I taught myself how to French braid on my own wild hair.

20. I went a month without straightening my hair.

21. I bought an iMac.

22. I started Boats and Bows.

23. I went to my sorority’s 15 Year celebration.

24. I’ve been to a few professional conferences.

25. I’ve visited over twenty states.

26. I’ve been to Disney World.

27. I’ve been to Niagara Falls.

28. I met a famous person once…but I didn’t know it.

29. I learned quite a bit ASL when I was in college.

30. I worked at the Apple store.

31. I’ve gone back to my childhood hometown.

32. I kept a journal for the past twelve years.

33. I went ice skating on a frozen lake in the winter.

34. I won $100 on my Victoria’s Secret Secret Rewards Card.

35. I went on a backstage tour of Radio City Music Hall.

36. I lived through an (incredibly rare) RIT snow day.

37. I’ve survived some CRAZY work situations.

38. I’ve gone to Disney on Ice.

39. Survived multiple Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sales.

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