300 Before 30: The List

Start Date: October 1, 2013

End Date: August 13, 2017

1. Eat a lobster dinner.

2. Go to a country concert.

3. Host a brunch.

4. Go on a vacation with friends. (October 2013!)

5. Come up with 300 things I want to (and think I can) do!

6. Move off campus.

7. Go swing dancing.

8. Go back to Quebec City.

9. See the Pacific Ocean.

10. Run a 5K.

11. Family Photo Session!

12. Find my bucket list from 2001. (October 2013)

13. Attend a national Delta Phi Epsilon event.

14. Try a hole in the wall restaurant in Reading.

15. Go a day without the Internet.

16. Learn how to check the oil and tire pressure in my car.

17. Get rid of all the shoes I never wear.

18. Go to a professional football game.

19. Go to a bonfire. (October 2013)

20. Attend Brick City.

21. Attend UD’s alumni weekend.

22. Organize my giant bookshelf.

23. Put $30 $10 in savings for each goal I accomplish.

24. Find out my blood type.

25. Watch the post-Elliot Stabler SVU seasons.

26. Get five friends to read my blog! (October 2013)

27. Have a conversation in ASL.

28. Decorate for fall.

29. $5 for every task NOT completed to charity.

30. Celebrate my 30th birthday with 30 people.

31. Get the balance of my student loans under their original amount. (December 2013)

32. Purchase five beautiful coffee table books.

33. Perform thirty random acts of kindness.

34. Donate my old clothes. (November 2013)

35. Learn how to make a mixed drink and have the ingredients in my apartment at all times!

36. Buy a couch.

37. Buy the rest of my bedroom furniture.

38. Go to a hockey game.

39. Buy fresh flowers.

40. Visit a shooting range.

41. Make my t-shirt pile smaller.

42. Be a bridesmaid. (October 2014!)

43. Go to a bachelorette party.

44. Visit a farmer’s market. (November 2013)

45. Go to a sushi making class.

46. Grill a steak.

47. Get a massage. (January 2014)

48. Visit a winery.

49. Apply to another job. (Gotta move up that ladder!)

50. Take a class at the community college.

51. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon (preferably not alone).

52. Visit a neighborhood in NYC that I have not visited before.

53. Buy my dad Yankees tickets for his birthday.

54. Buy my parents a big Christmas gift. (December 2013)

55. Watch the entire series of “Friends”.

56. Fix/finish the gallery wall in my living room.

57. Decorate my bedroom.

58. Hang my flag. (June 2014)

59. Plant something and have it grow.

60. Read 100 books. (31 down, 69 to go!)

61. Watch the sun rise.

62. Try a new food. (October 2013)

63. Buy a map to use as decoration.

64. Go camping.

65. Have a picnic.

66. Watch a movie from every year I’ve been alive.

67. Learn to sew a button.

68. Eat duck. (April 2014)

69. Go on a road trip.

70. Throw my mom a birthday party.

71. Clean out my inbox.

72. Go on a fancy date.

73. Bake Christmas cookies from scratch.

74. Get a pedicure. (October 2013)

75. Make a vegan meal.

76. Go to yoga every week for a month straight.

77. Go to a wedding. (December 2013)

78. Use up my tanning credits.

79. Send out Christmas cards. (December 2013)

80. Go ice skating.

81. Fly first class.

82. Go hot tubbing in the snow.

83. Get sushi from a fancy sushi place.

84. Come up with a workout routine that works for me.

85. Edit all my old LiveJournal entries into a book (even if it’s just for me!).

86. Watch a TED Talk on my own.

87. Properly recycle my old laptop.

88. Get out of the habit of using my passcode on my new iPhone. (October 2013)

89. Frame my diplomas.

90. Attend a Maury taping.

91. Decorate for Christmas.

92. Sell the stuff I say I’m going to sell. (April 2014)

93. Hire a cleaning lady for the busy times of the school year.

94. Plan out my menu for four weeks in a row.

95. Live somewhere with in-unit laundry.

96. Live somewhere with a dishwasher. (June 2014)

97. Get my hair back to its healthy pre-bleach state.

98. Eat at Shady Maple. (May 2014)

99. Inspire someone else to create their own list.

100. Schedule (and GO TO!) regular dentist appointments.

101. See five movies in theaters (2 down!).

102. Print out some pictures that I’ve taken and display them. (January 2014)

103. Be mentioned by a famous blogger on their blog!

104. Do a night out in Philly.

105. Go to a Philadelphia Union game. (June 2014)

106. File my grown up paperwork. (May 2014)

107. Buy a new duvet cover. (June 2014)

108. Follow 30 bloggers.

109. Keep a “Good Day” journal for a year.

110. Watch every single Daria episode AND made-for-TV movie.

111. List 100 things I’ve already done.

112. Get my fortune told.

113. Visit Ground Zero.

114. Have a t-shirt quilt made.

115. Throw away thirty things. (November 2013)

116. Be featured in the Triad.

117. Visit my sisters in Boston. (April 2014)

118. Speak with a financial advisor.

119. Meet all the Littles I haven’t met yet! (March 2014)

120. Walk to the Pagoda.

121. Go on a cruise.

122. Learn to pack like a pro.

123. Read the Bible.

124. Create a display for my nail polish.

125. Learn to spell excercise I MEAN exercise.

126. Find out what ethnicity I am.

127. Host a family gathering.

128. Visit a trampoline park.

129. Bake a pie from scratch.

130. Go mini golfing.

131. Test drive a car.

132. Learn to make five dishes from memory.

133. Volunteer with Art Feeds again. (March 2014)

134. Organize my closets.

135. Organize the entry way.

136. Sing in a choir again.

137. Go on a New York Times “36 Hour” trip.

138. Create a holiday planning binder.

139. Santacon.

140. Donate to RIT.

141. Complete 52 Weeks of Cooking Challenge.

142. Do the whole tropical vacation thing.

143. Complete a week-long fiscal fast.

144. Get out of my laying-in-bed habit.

145. Try geocaching.

146. Learn about a different religion.

147. Write all  of the littles thoughtful graduation letters.

148. Rock bright lipstick for a day.

149. Learn how to blow out my own hair.

150. Reorganize my savings accounts. (April 2014)

151. Post at least twice a week for one month.

152. Organize my computer’s hard drive.

153. Buy a lotto ticket. (Bonus points if I win?!)

154. Begin researching law school.

155. Go on the Gossip Girl tour in NYC.

156. Pick a theme I actually like for this blog.

157. Have Lilly certified as a therapy dog.

158. Actually make a craft off of Pinterest for my apartment.

159. Seriously work on bringing Art Feeds to Reading.

160. Attend my chapter’s 20 Year Event.

161. Implement the “First 30 Days” programming model for my ResLife office.

162. Have one Greek Life event a week for an entire school year.

163. Watch fireworks from the pagoda.

164. Visit five historic hotels.

165. Try out Nair…see if it works wonders.

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