Home Sweet Home

Last time I had five free minutes to update this thing, I was eagerly awaiting the day I could move into my new apartment. I moved in about two weeks ago and I’d like to say I’m all settled in, but I’d be lying. Actually, there’s still stuff in the old apartment I need to go get. It’s stuff I don’t use all too often and I’ve honestly contemplated just throwing all of it out.

The move allowed me to cross some things off my list but not as many as I had hoped for. I had planned to go through A LOT of my stuff before I moved but I just didn’t have the time. I’ve actually been throwing out stuff as I’ve been unpacking. Not ideal, but it’s working. I also was able to cross off some other things that I didn’t have planned – last week I went to a Union game out of the blue!

I’ll keep this update short because I have a lot of other writing to do – 13 things that I’ve crossed off the list don’t have posts yet!

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