Let’s Talk.

Hi. Hi there. We may not know each other personally, but I think you all know my future husband. No, no, we’re not engaged yet or anything. And he might not know…no, he definitely doesn’t know I exist. But we all know he exists and that he’s beautiful. So who might the lucky man be?

Meet Adam Levine – Maroon 5 frontman and my future husband.

Unfortunately something terrible happened last week. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it and while at first I nearly made a rash decision, I’ve spent some time thinking about it. See, I almost demoted Adam on the husband list. (In case you’re curious, the runners up include Prince Harry and Brandon Flowers). But, you know, it’s really cruel to dump someone in the aftermath of a tragic accident, so I’m taking some time to consider it. And to see if things get better. Oh yeah – I guess I should tell you what terrible thing happened. Adam Levine bleached his hair.

This is a thing.

Tragic. I have yet to find anybody that actually likes it. I’ve been taking a survey at work and the closest I’ve come to finding someone that likes it is someone who did not check yes or no, but rather wrote “well he’s still sexy”. Not the point.

The first thing it reminded me of was Eminem. More specifically, the song “The Real Slim Shady”. Do you remember the music video for that song? Well…I’m pretty sure bleached-hair Adam Levine was one of the fake Slim Shadys in the background.

We’re gonna have a problem here.

The next thing that I thought of was Anderson Cooper. The look totally works for that silver fox, but NOT Adam Levine. In fact, Anderson Cooper actually made a joke about it – he’s created a short list of how to tell them apart. While I’m not a fan of the overall situation, it does open up the possibility for a CNN/The Voice crossover…I might pay more attention to the news if Adam Levine was on the TV.

And hey, maybe we’d get some laughs from Anderson Cooper judging a musical competition…

But I think my FAVORITE comparison has to be what one of my RAs shouted the first time she saw a picture of bleached-hair Adam Levine. She didn’t see Anderson Cooper or Eminem. She saw Draco Malfoy. And I can totally see that. Can somebody please photoshop bleached-hair Adam Levine into a set of Slytherin robes?

Mind if I Slytherin?

The good news is that hair grows and this could very soon be a thing of the past. What do you think of Adam Levine’s hair?

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