An Update on #97

97. Get my hair back to its healthy pre-bleach state.

The last time I saw my hair in it’s natural state was sometime in the early 2000s. It was red and very curly. Annnndddd I hated it. My mom (along with Baz Lurhmann) always warned me that I was going to kill my hair if I kept doing so much to it, and while I really hate to admit it, she was right.

For the longest time, I didn’t do TOO much to it. I used non-permanent dye to dye it darker and I would straighten it occasionally. then I started straightening it more. And then I started bleaching it. Eventually I noticed that it didn’t look as healthy as it once had. It seemed really thin and what really scared me was that my hair no longer curled.

I decided last spring that I really needed to start taking better care of my hair. I went through a six week period where I stopped straightening my hair. Since my hair didn’t curl properly anymore, I just wore it up a lot. It wasn’t attractive. I’ve since gone back to straightening it, but I haven’t bleached it since last March. I am still dying it, but I’m back to using a non-permanent dye that’s just slightly darker than my normal hair color. People ask why dye it at all – if I didn’t I’d have this HUGE line between bleach-blonde and my dark red hair. Then people ask why I don’t just do it once permanently instead of dyeing it once instead of every two – three months – I was given this big explanation by a hairdresser once that I can’t fully remember but apparently permanent dye still has some bleaching agent in it.

In the past month I’ve noticed that my hair has looked healthier. It feels thicker and less damaged. I’m not ready to say that it’s back to its original state, but I’m getting there!! I’m really bad about getting regular trims because I’m always afraid they’ll take too much off, but I think the next step is to get a trim…yikes! Hopefully a year from now I’ll be posting saying that my hair is MUCH healthier!

This was four years ago…I think this was the best my hair ever looked!!

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