So THAT’S Victoria’s Secret!

For the past few year’s, Victoria’s Secret has been running their “Secret Rewards” promotion around the holidays. If you make a purchase in November, you’re given a card worth something between $10 and $500, except at the time you don’t KNOW how much is on the card. In December, you can find out the balance and basically use it as a gift card – you’re not required to spend a minimum amount when redeeming it.

Now, I’m not the type to win anything. Ever. Every time I’ve gotten a Secret Rewards card in the past, it’s been $10 which is great and all except that everything in the store costs more than $10. And I didn’t really NEED anything so I’d just go in a buy something and spend mostly my own money. Which is exactly what they want.


I nearly forgot about the Secret Rewards card I got last month. I was cleaning my apartment just DAYS before it expired when I saw it sitting on my desk. I wanted to see how much it was worth, but I didn’t feel like going to the store. I looked online to see if the different codes meant anything, but instead I found out that you could go on the site and put something in your shopping bag and then enter the code from your card to see how much it was worth. So I did just that. And found out that my card was worth $100.

$100 can actually buy you something at Victoria’s Secret. I’m super weird about gifts and I actually had a hard time picking things out. I still wound up adding a bit of my own money, but way less than in previous years! So what did I get? Check it out below!

This robe, but in pink!

This robe, but in pink!

This bra. It's from the Fashion Show. I'm that cool.

This bra. It’s from the Fashion Show. I’m that cool.

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