88. Stop Using the Passcode on my iPhone

Here’s something short and sweet while I catch up on life!

I spent most of this summer eagerly awaiting the announcement of the next iPhone. My old phone was just that – OLD. There was an upgrade available to me, but I knew that if I picked up an iPhone 5, Apple would announce the new ones the next week. That’s just the sort of luck I have.

When the new phones came out, I ordered a 5S. I thought the fingerprint technology was really cool, but half the time I forgot to use it and would just type in my passcode. Half the time, I would forget that I even had it until I held the home button for a second too long and it unlocked automatically.

My new phone!

So how do I know that I’ve gotten out of this habit? Well, my work phone is an older iPhone and I constantly find myself holding the home button and getting confused that the phone isn’t unlocking. Also, it’s been REALLY hot in my office the past few days and apparently my fingers swell in the heat and my distorted finger print will no longer unlock the phone. I found myself complaining about a technology that I didn’t have access to a month ago!

I’m sure that having this on here will make the list seem dated. Who knows what technology we will have when I’m thirty!! Maybe instead of scanning our fingerprint, phones will scan our retinas or something crazy our cell phones won’t even be a thing anymore.

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